Instructions for filling out an application:

  1. Fill out complete application exept for the deposit section 
    1. Make sure you have 1 year of employment shown on your application
    2. Any person 18 years old or older must fill out an application 
    3. Make sure the address of the property you are applying for is at the top of the application and is correct. 
    4. J Corp only does 1 year leases. 
  2. make a copy or take a picture of your government issued photo ID - 
    1. drivers license
    2. Passport
    3. governement issued ID card
  3. Make a copy or take  pictures of the last 30 days pay stubs for each applicant.
  4. Assemble this information in an Email and send it to your real estate agent or to one of the email addresses in the footer of this page.